National Union of Women Teachers – exhibition in Institute of Education foyer

If you’re visiting the Institute of Education, London, anytime soon you’ll get to see the exhibition I’ve put up in the foyer space outside the library. The exhibition is to highlight my work cataloguing the records of the National Union of Women Teachers and to highlight some of the main themes and subjects which run through the collection.  Of course I knew that equal pay had to feature in there as it was the original reason for the founding of the union, and indeed, they disbanded when equal pay for women teachers was achieved.  However it was really hard to choose which other subject areas to focus on as there were so many to choose from. I’ve tried to give a brief overview in the exhibition in the hope that it entices people enough to want to learn more!

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What is it about display cases? – they always looks so much bigger when they’re empty than when you start filling them!   A colleague suggested measuring the display case and laying it out on a table first to work out where I would put everything (the brown tape denotes the edges of the case).  This was a great idea as I quickly realised I had too much stuff for the space – better to realise this in the office than deliberating over material in the foyer!

Already I’m thinking ‘oh I wish I’d put … in’ but I thought it was better to focus on a few areas rather than try to cover everything – I’d have needed a much bigger space for that!  If anyone has any comments or suggestions on what I’ve done – either seeing it here on the blog or in person – then please do drop me an e-mail at k.hannan [at]

3 thoughts on “National Union of Women Teachers – exhibition in Institute of Education foyer

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  2. Hi Kathryn
    Looks great. I would really like to see it for real. How long will it be up?
    Ps when I look at the archives catalogue for nuwt all I find is one very general record. What am I doing wrong? And why is the Refno for this collection “uwt”?

  3. Hi Stephen,

    The exhibition will be up till some time in September so there’s plenty of time to get in and see it – we’d love to see you too!

    I’ve taken the NUWT collection off the online catalogue for the time-being until it’s fully catalogued as I’m going to start re-organising it – the physical collection and the online catalogue – so my plan was to get that done first then make the catalogue live when it’s all nicely organised.

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