New Beginnings


Well, as the title says, this is a blog I have set up so I can share my progress on a project to catalogue the records of the National Union of Women Teachers.  I started working on the project three months ago and up until now I have been posting about it on Newsam News – the blog of the Institute of Education Library and Archive.  Now that I’m getting into the project though I’ve realised that there is so much I can share that I wanted to set up a separate platform for that specific purpose – so here we are!

Equal Pay demonstration held in Portsmouth, Easter 1937, Collection ref UWT/G/2/48, ©Institute of Education Archive

The NUWT was set up in 1902 as the Equal Pay League with the aim of achieving equal pay for women teachers.  Initially they were part of the National Union of Teachers (NUT). They changed their name to the Federation of Women Teachers in 1906 and then in 1920 after difficulties with the NUT they broke away to form an independent union and renamed themselves the NUWT.  As I’m discovering through cataloguing the collection, they didn’t limit themselves to equal pay and campaigned on a huge range of issues – which I’ll share with you all through this blog!  In 1961 when women teachers were granted equal pay the NUWT was disbanded and the papers were passed to us, The Institute of Education, shortly after.

I am working on cataloguing the subject files – all 370 boxes of them! Some of it has some listing done already, some if it none – so I’m sure there are lots of discoveries in store for me and I’m looking forward to sharing them here.


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