Victory dinner

I don’t know about anyone else but by this time on Friday afternoon (2.30) I’m always thinking about dinner, generally wine too, but always dinner. What will I eat, where will I eat, can I be bothered cooking, all these thoughts go through my head as I’m cataloguing.

So it was with great pleasure that I have just finished cataloguing a file with plenty of food references! The occasion was a very special one in itself, a ‘Victory dinner’ to celebrate women achieving equal franchise. The Bill granting women over 21 the right to vote on the same terms as men was passed in March 1928 and this Victory dinner was held in September of the same year. The dinner was organised by the NUWT to celebrate equal franchise and the role that members of the NUWT played in bringing it about.

Programme & menu card, NUWT Collection ref UWT/D/68B/6, ©Institute of Education Archives

The restaurant, Restaurant Frascati, sounds Italian to me but the menu is all given in French, following conventions of the time I would imagine. I laughed at the inclusion of Marmite even whilst realised it must be referring to something else – I have since been told that Marmite is the french word for a kind of pot or container, so they didn’t just eat marmite with cream as a starter, thank goodness as that would have been enough to stop my food musings for the day! My french is terrible so I had to look lots of the words up to find out what they would have eaten that day. The delightful sounding ‘pommes vapeur’ is in fact humble boiled potatoes. ‘Petite Marmite Henri IV’ translates quite literally in google translate as ‘small pot Henri IV cream health’ – mmmn, yummy!?!

Programme & menu card, NUWT Collection ref UWT/D/68B/6, ©Institute of Education Archives

So, time for a short afternoon teabreak – here’s hoping there’s still some chocolates left in the staff room!


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