Cine Sisters – conference

There are lots of interesting sounding conferences and events coming up, some of which I can attend and others which I can’t make. One which sounds like it’ll be fascinating day I can’t make myself but thought that I’d share it here just in case anyone hasn’t seen the notices for it already.

The day is called ‘Cine Sisters: Histories of Women in the Film and Television Industries’ and it’s being held at the Women’s Library in London. It’s a free, one-day conference on Monday 18 July 2011, 9.30 – 5.30.  I heard about it thought the MECCSA mailing list but you can also read about it at the Women’s History Month blog.  Places are limited so if you want to attend you need to e-mail cath[at] putting ‘Cine Sisters’ in the subject line.

I couldn’t find the programme online anywhere so here’s list of the four panels running on the day: –
Panel 1 – Women’s roles in film and TV: continuity and production
Panel 2 – Historical perspectives
Panel 3 – BECTU case studies
Panel 4 – Women in TV: BBC and ATV
They all sound really interesting!  The one I’d really have liked to hear would have been panel 4 on women in television as I recently catalogued a letter from Hilda Mathieson from when she worked for the BBC, but I’ll talk more about that letter in another post!


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