Unexplained cover art

Apologies for the chopped-off image below but my scanner is only A4 size. However you get the jist of it – or do you? I’m not sure I do?! The publication is called ‘The Young Teacher and Emergency trainee’ and the photo features a young girl in a striking halter-top and shorts one-piece standing in a field holding a pile of hay and a pitchfork. Is it something to do with ‘make hay while the sun shines’? I wouldn’t have thought so but who knows! There is no reference within the journal to the photo on the front page and I’m at a total loss as to how it relates to the articles about the Burnham salary recommendations for teachers in 1947.

Any ideas?!

Cover page of 'The Young Teacher and Emergency Trainee', NUWT Collection ref UWT/D/79/1 ©Institute of Education Archive

The journal also has a black&white movie still of Kathryn Grayson, the actress and operatic singer, beside an article about the use of films in the classroom. I would imagine the article is referring more to educational films but a photo of a movie star would certainly have been more eye-catching. Maybe that’s what the front cover is about – appealing to the new generation of teachers in the late 1940s.


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