Bonus photograph discovery!

There were a few years between the winding up of the NUWT in 1961 and the NUWT Collection being passed to the Institute of Education, London and in that time there seems to have been quite a bit of organising done by staff at the NUWT. As part of this process it looks like they separated out the photographs from the rest of the papers and placed the photographs in separate folders. The photographs in these folders are a great resource as they include many portrait photos of prominent members of the union. However part of me was quite disappointed to find these already catalogued and online and I was really hoping I would come across photos that had been missed from this sorting process.

A while ago I did find some fantastic photos of caravan schools (which I wrote about here) but after that nothing. Until that is, yesterday, when I found 18 photographs in a box of folders all marked ‘Russia’. And what a find! The photographs all date from 1926 when Ethel Froud (NUWT General Secretary) and Miss M. Conway (NUWT member) were part of a delegation organised by the Teacher’s Labour League to the Soviet Union.

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There is information written in pencil on the reverse of these photographs. I’ve includes it below, starting from the first photograph in the slide show –

    • ‘3rd Children’s Summer Home,  Sestroretsk’
    • ‘Central Educational Workers Union, Palace of Labour, Consultation with Comrade Matushkin, President of Leningrad Education Workers Union’
    • ‘Palace of Peter the Great, Peterhof’
    • This photograph has no description but includes Ethel Froud sitting second from the left, Leningrad, 1926
    • ‘Sestroretsk Children’s Home (chiefly orphans)’
    • Looks like the same children’s home as in the previous photograph
    • ‘At Central Club, of Rest Houses of Leningrad. T.U’s [Rock Islands, Dr Rapoport]’
    • ‘Creche Factory name of Comrade Kalturin [sic.] (Rev. textile worker wanted to blow up Court, Winter Palace, mined, ready went off to soon, hanged)’.  The factory must have been named after Stepan Khalturin (1857 – 1882) was part of the group ‘The People’s Will’ and he was executed for trying to blow up the Winter Palace.
    • ‘Office, Leningrad Square’
    • Rest Home of Educational Workers Union (Semi-sanatorium) Old Peterhof’
    • ‘School of Red Dawn, agricultural bias, near Peterhof’
    • ‘Vigalok, members of All Russia T.U., Moscow’
    • ‘Creche Kalturin Factory’
    • This photograph has no description but includes Ethel Froud sitting second from the right
    • ‘No. 193 Children’s Home, in New Peterhof (Palace of Grand Duke Nicholas, Uncle of Czar)’
    • ‘Catherine Guerre le 31 Juillet 1926, Leningrad’
    • Children’s Home [Grulris],  Sestroretsk

The NUWT Collection reference for these photographs is UWT/D/83/9.  Like everything else I write about here they are available for researchers to come in and use in the archive.  When the project is near completion the online catalogue will be updated with all the new cataloguing.


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