Everything is Possible

I had read about a new film ‘Sylvia Pankhurst: Everything is Possible’ a few months back but unfortunately this was post-screening.  So I was very happy when a friend told me about a free screening taking place on 5th October in London at Congress House in London, organised by the Film Club of the Southern and Eastern Region of the Trades Union Congress

To be honest I didn’t know much about Sylvia Pankhurst before staring cataloguing the NUWT Collection but I have to say she has quickly become my favourite Pankhurst! She sounded like an incredibly courageous and strong woman and I’m delighted to see a film has been made in an attempt to redress this slight.  In the trailer it highlights that, in the UK at least, Sylvia has been rather neglected. So I suppose I could use this as an excuse for my lack of knowledge!

There is a website for the film which contains more detailed information in the very well presented press kit so I thought that instead or repeat it I would just include the trailer made for the film.

There are quite a few screenings in the next few months – in London, Leeds and Edinburgh – you can see a full list here.

The website also has an enticing sounding section entitled ‘Sylvia’s Security Files’.  This is a fascinating selection of photographs of documents held at the National Archives which have now been released for public viewing.  The ‘Daily Report on Suffragette Prisoners in Holloway Prison’ make particularly harrowing reading – going into detail about the force feeding of Sylvia.

I can’t finish this without highlighting the volunteer page as well – it shows the stories of all the individuals involved in making the film, and yes, you read it right, they all worked as volunteers!


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