From Milton to Mills & Boon

This wee notebook book is full of interesting details – just maybe not what you’d usually expect in a little black book!  It was hiding at the back of a folder of correspondence with educational publishers and the National Book League regarding educational books for children.  As most of the correspondence is between these organisations and the then General Secretary of the NUWT, Muriel Pierotti, it is possible that this book was hers.  Unfortunately I can’t check as so far all the letters written by Muriel Pierotti have been typed, and as carbon copies of the ones sent out, they don’t even have a signature.

Notebook from NUWT Collection, reference UWT/D/115/2, ©Institute of Education Archive

Now I am definitely not snobby when it comes from literature but I just found it funny that in amongst this list of non-fiction books, a mixture of history, geographical, philosophy and political, there is a reference to Mills and Boon – underlined and all! After thinking on it for a minute though and looking more closely it looks like they might have been the publisher of the book listed above – ‘London Re-visited’.  Oh well, I think I’ll continue thinking that this women teacher, whoever she was, snuck in a Mills & Boon reminder in her list of ‘books to buy’!


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