Kino Films

Latched on at the end of a box of material on religious instruction in schools was this one folder of material from Kino Films Limited.  Kino Films were a film distribution company based in the UK who rented and sold films for exhibition in addition to putting on shows themselves.  In the letter accompanying all their promotional materials they write
“there is no need to describe our activities to you at great length.  The Labour Party, Trades Councils, and Trade Unions are amongst our warmest supporters.  But we would suggest that the existence of Kino makes it easier to carry out the advice recently sent to Labour Party Secretaries: – that Labour Parties should make full use of film in their propaganda work.  You do not have to buy a machine. We will carry out the whole show for you.”

Kino Films Ltd promo material, NUWT Collection, reference UWT/D/118/2, ©Institute of Education Archive

The lovely pack you can see in the photo above contains one-page leaflets for a huge variety of films from countries worldwide.  It includes a large number of documentary films on Spain (which it says have already been used to raise substantial funds for the cause) in addition to the important job of raising awareness of the cause.  There are lots of very interesting sounding documentaries as well as films such as Eistenstein’s famous ‘Battleship Potemkin’ as seen in the leaflet below.   

NUWT Collection, reference UWT/D/118/2, ©Institute of Education Archive

There is also an advertisement for a Norman McLaren film I hadn’t heard of before ‘Hell Unlimited’ – a protest film about the futility of war.  I recently wrote a wee bit about McLaren here and I think his film ‘Neighbours’ is an incredibly effective anti-war film so I’ll be interested to watch this one.

Films can be an incredibly effective way of informing people of the inequalities and injustices being carried out worldwide and hopefully inspire people to believe they can do something to change things.  For a current example of this i read about recently please see this blog post on ‘The Cause of Progress: The Power of Film and the Crippling Force of Corruption in Cambodia’ about the use of film to highlight the issue of forced evictions.


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