Friday Night’s Alright (for Dancing)

This brochure certainly does its job – I want to go here!

'The Mecca', NUWT Collection ref UWT/D/210 ©Institute of Education

The brochure tells us they owned quite a few different venues – in Ludgate Hill EC4, Blomfield St EC2, Charing Cross Road WC2, Chancery Lane WC2 and Cheapside EC2.  The only one that specifies being fully licensed though is Ludgate Hill so I have to admit that would be my first port of call as what is a night out dancing without a few beverages thrown in! Also they have a maple dance floor – not quite sure how this differs from the parquet dance floors specified in their other venues in terms of dancing but it must be different somehow or they wouldn’t mention it you would think.  The menu? well for only 5/- a head you could get –

Menu from 'The Mecca', NUWT Collection ref UWT/D/210 ©Institute of Education


2 thoughts on “Friday Night’s Alright (for Dancing)

  1. Hmm. Sprouts in French are still sprouts. I think the 2/9 buffet menu sounds rather more promising! I also love the bold for *even cheaper*.

  2. the cakes on the buffet menu do sound good – though I’d be wary of the sandwiches as today’s cataloguing has included a lunch buffet menu with tongue sandwiches. Give me sprouts over tongue any day of the week!

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