Invitation to join an NUWT Focus Group

As part of the project to catalogue the records of the National Union of Women Teachers we would like to hold a focus group on possible uses of the archive material.  What we are hoping to do is to gain insight and input from educationists on how the collection could be used as part of a teaching resource, in the classroom and in higher education.  We’re looking for anyone in the London area who’s involved in education, as a teacher in primary or secondary schools, as an academic training teachers or as a trainee teacher.  Our proposed date for holding the focus group would be Tuesday 6th December from 10 am to 1pm with lunch provided.  If you would like to be involved I’d love to hear from you.  You can contact me via the blog, or on my e-mail k.hannan [at]

The NUWT (1904 – 1961) was an organisation which campaigned primarily for equal pay for women teachers and equal educational opportunities for girls and boys.  They were also closely involved in the Women’s movement and wider areas of social policy so the collection covers a huge range of subject areas.  There is some information about the Collection already on the online archives catalogue but the cataloguing which I am currently undertaking will not be available on the online project until the project is completed. You can search what is already available online here

This blog is currently the best place to get an idea of the type of materials I’m cataloguing but just to provide a summary – the types of material:
Minutes and papers from meetings
Press cuttings
Complete run of ‘The Woman Teacher’ the journal of the NUWT
Propaganda material – leaflets, handbills, posters and publications by the NUWT
Official publications including Government Acts and Bills
Publications by other organisations

The range of subjects covered is huge and includes, but is in no way limited to:
Equal pay
Equal rights for women
Equal educational opportunities for boys and girls
The marriage bar
Nationality of married women
Peace and disarmament
Use of film in education
Juvenile delinquency
Impact of education cuts
Inequality in pensions and superannuation
History of education
Power and politics
History of gender
New developments in education


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