Equal pay struggles satirised in ‘The Woman Teacher’

During our power cut this morning I had a brief panic about what to do when I couldn’t get on my computer, then I remembered I can actually do paper-based research too! So I decided to have a search through the issues of ‘The Woman Teacher’ (the journal of the National Union of Women Teachers) for references to an NUWT member who moved to Italy to teach in 1946/1947. I found what I was looking for (more on that to follow) and I also found some other interesting things too, including this great cartoon about equal pay.

cartoon from 'The Woman Teacher', 27 June 1947, NUWT Collection ref UWT/H/1/42 ©Institute of Education Archive

I’m hoping to get to the Women’s Library this weekend to see their exhibition on Equal Pay ‘All work and low pay: the story of women and work’ so I thought I would post this as a wee precursor to any posts on the exhibition!

I wrote about one of my other finds in ‘The Woman Teacher’ over at my non-work blog in this post ‘Power cuts and paper research’


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