Woman at leisure, man at ease

Woman at leisure, man at ease – these pages don’t really fit as an article in a teacher’s journal do they? This is the second blog post I’ve done on this one issue of ‘The Young Teacher and Emergency Trainee’, the other post Unexplained Cover Art being about the ambiguity of the front cover.  I like these images of the young women, in a striking striped dress and relaxing in front of an open fire with her shoes off.

NUWT Collection ref UWT/D/79/1 ©Institute of Education Archive

The next page ‘men at ease’ has a similar cartoon in the top left hand corner and an explanation that this is the husband of the women seen relaxing in front of the fire.  The article asks – if this were your wife how would she feel about his ‘gymnastic feat’ – quiet now, no sniggering at the back, I’m talking about his balancing of his feet on the mantelpiece.  The paper is looking for an ‘out of school humour’ caption or letter responding to this. Now I really am unsure here, does out-of-school humour mean they’re asking teachers not to use childish ‘schoolyard’ humour, or that as teachers their humour necessarily comes out their school? At first I had assumed the page with the women was aimed at women teachers reading the paper but now I’m wondering if the whole publication is just aimed at newly qualified male teachers? Which would also explain the cover image of the scantily clad girl with the pitchfork!

NUWT Collection ref UWT/D/79/1 ©Institute of Education Archive

NUWT Collection ref UWT/D/79/1 ©Institute of Education Archive

Gregory Peck looks as dashing as ever in his tweed sports jacket ‘what can surpass a good sports jacket as an aid to escapism?’ – indeed!


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