On Being Politically Minded

The NUWT Collection is full of interesting individuals who took a stand and stood up for what they believed in.  Today I found an article by Florence Key which cheered me up a bit after reading too many depressing David Cameron reports today.

“For good or ill we are all in politics and when people tell us to “keep out” they only mean they wish us to be passive and take no active part in the ordering of our own lives and those of our compatriots.  More than this they would rather we did not take too much notice of the way in which they themselves are performing the task.  Our not to reason why!  How can any self-respecting intelligent woman accept such a proposition? It is the negation of democracy.”

'The Woman Teacher', 26/10/1934 ©Institute of Education Archive

Florence Key was a teacher from 1908 to 1937 when she gave up full-time teaching to work for the NUWT. She had been a member of the NUWT since its creation and was a member of the Central Council, President (1932), edited the Woman Teacher from 1938-1946, and represented the NUWT on the National Peace Council – amongst other things!  In addition to campaigning for the vote, equal pay and equal rights she was also the NUWT representative on Labour’s Advisory Committee on Education and she campaigned for married women’s right to separate assessment for income tax.  I also find it quite awe-inspiring the amount of causes and organisations which NUWT members were involved with, especially when I struggle managing the few voluntary bits and pieces I do outside of work!

Can anyone make out the signature on the caricature of Florence Key below? Is it Cyril Lowe? Stowe?  If anyone has any ideas please let me know!

Florence Key cartoon ©Institute of Education Archive


2 thoughts on “On Being Politically Minded

    • thanks! Do you have any links to information on him? When I did a google search I couldn’t find anything except one reference to ‘Cyril Lowe, cartoonist’ in an extract from a book? I checked the cartoon museum but they don’t have a catalogue online.

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