Photo scrapbook from the 1920s

I’ve mentioned before how happy I am when I come across photographs in the collection – partly because the majority seem to have been filtered out at some previous stage of cataloguing and collection together in a separate series.  Therefore coming across photographs is coming across material that, likely, no-one has looked at since the material arrived here in the late 1960s.  Of course, the main reason I enjoy it is because it’s photographs and I mean who wouldn’t enjoy getting to look at other people’s photos!

These are extra special as someone has gone to the effort to stick them all together in a scrapbook.  The first photograph of Agnes Dawson is great to have as all I’ve seen of her have been very formal official portraits taken for her London County Council election campaigns.  The three photographs showing a demonstration at Trafalgar Square are almost certainly from a demonstration in 1924 as one of the photo’s appears in A. Muriel Pierotti’s book ‘The Story of the NUWT’.  All the photographs on the pages titled ‘Bath Conference’ are a mystery to me right now!

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At some point I’ll go though these photographs with all the others in the collection and try to cross-reference and identify all the women, and few men, portrayed in them.  However at the moment the priority is to get on with cataloguing as it’s better to have some kind of a description up on the catalogue about all of the subject boxes than have incredibly detailed information about a small amount of the boxes (can you tell I’m on a strict time-frame here?!).


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