Scent cards – a novel fund-raising idea

I’ve written before (here) about the Jill Craigie film ‘To be a Woman’ which was part-sponsored by the NUWT (they contributed a large part of the funds for the making of the film).  The NUWT launched a campaign to raise funds for the making of the film and all the local branches of the NUWT did their part in this campaign.  I’ve just come across one particularly innovative example in the branch records I’m cataloguing today. 

Letter sent by Miss E. M. Bevan to Muriel Pierotti, NUWT Collection ref UWT/D/390/2 ©Institute of Education Archive

Miss E.M. Bevan was on the Committee of the Bedfordshire County Association of the NUWT and she wrote to Muriel Pierotti (NUWT General Secretary) in April 1950 laying out a proposed scheme of ‘scent cards’. She wrote ‘We also want to do some propaganda for the Equal Pay Film… Do you know that there are still quite intelligent women who think that it is wrong for a woman to earn as much as a man?’.  She doesn’t explain much about these ‘scent cards’ but luckily, in reply to a request from Muriel Pierotti, she sent on some examples she got printed up, along with the letter above, in May 1950. 

I was so happy to find these as I have always loved botanical drawings (going to a recent display at the V&A on three separate occasions).  In amongst so much standard correspondence it’s always great to find these wee gems! I’ve included the front and reverse side of the three sample cards she sent.  These were to be sold for 2d each and I assume each card would have the scent of the flower depicted on the front.  Unfortunately I can’t find any mention of these cards in later correspondence so I wonder if the scheme was abandoned or if it was just not very successful.  I find it really inspiring though, how involved all these women, full-time working teachers, got in a campaign to fund a film about equal pay.

Scent cards, NUWT Collection ref UWT/D/390/2 ©Institute of Education Archive

NUWT Collection ref UWT/D/390/2 ©Institute of Education Archive


2 thoughts on “Scent cards – a novel fund-raising idea

  1. Yes, I did! I was a bit disappointed, but not surprised, when it didn’t smell! I used to love the scented refillable pencils I had in primary school – they were always strawberry for some reason.

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