Happy Valentine!?

Yes, I know Valentine’s Day was over two months ago but I’ve only just found this in an archive box this so I’m going to post it anyway, better late than never!

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I knew that the NUWT had a Valentine Card appeal as I’d come across references to it in correspondence and there’s even a black and white image of the Valentine card in The story of the NUWT, Muriel Pierotti.  However until now I hadn’t come across an actual card. The idea behind the campaign was that members would fill these out and send them to their local MP urging them to support equal pay.

It includes a number of quotes on equal pay and then the greetings page

From _ _ _ to remind _ _ _ that women teachers expect the Government to implement, without further delay, their declared policy of Equal Pay for Equal Work.

Now why couldn’t i have found this in a box at the start of February?!


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