The ‘flappers’ and the ‘over thirties’

Equal Political Rights Campaign Committee – Open Air and Campaign Sub-Committee – correspondence between Ethel Froud, NUWT members and members of the Committee regarding NUWT Equal Franchise meeting in Hyde Park, Saturday 14th May 1927.  Ethel Froud writes to NUWT member Miss Tidswell regarding arrangements for speakers

It is best to change the speakers frequently, we find, and to alternate the “flappers” and the “Over Thirties”, but this, of course, really depends upon the crowd.

This made me laugh as it conjured up images of the hip young flappers, and then the over thirties (which I would depressingly now be counted amongst!) as dowdy and staid.  Unfortunately there were no photos or press clippings in this folder to either prove or disprove this image.  The folder does contain two badges though – can’t say that I think these are particularly striking examples of campaign propaganda though!

©Institute of Education Archives


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