The end is nigh

well not really, but the boxes of material that are completely uncatalogued are nearing the end – only 6 left! I’ll not dwell on the material that needs re-catalogued or that has only been partially catalogued (from years ago), and the huge reorganisation that is going to be the next task. The sense of satisfaction I get now from going to the store and seeing all the neat rows of catalogued boxes is the best!

Suitably, a lot of the material in these last few boxes is about the closure of the NUWT itself, in 1961, when equal pay for women teachers was finally achieved. In amongst a folder of letters concerning the final ‘Victory Luncheon’ was this rather poignant photo of 41 Cromwell Road, NUWT Headquarters from 1935 to 1961, with a ‘for sale’ sign perched outside.

41 Cromwell Road, NUWT Headquarters, with ‘for sale’ sign showing, 1961, ref UWT/D/472/4 ©Institute of Education Archive


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