Project update

It’s been very quiet on the NUWT blog recently as the cataloguing project funded by the National Cataloguing Grants Programme officially came to an end at the end of July.  It’s been a pretty mammoth task to get through all the cataloguing – about 370 boxes in total!  The most recent stage – and the reason the blog has been so quiet – has been the renumbering and re-ordering of the entire collection. 


My desk – surrounded by some of the boxes to be sorted and renumbered

In the 14 months of the project 232 boxes of subject files have been catalogued to a detailed file level description (this means that the content of the folders has been summarised and important documents, reports and discussions highlighted in the description). In addition I found a huge number of branch records mixed in with the boxes of subject files. So we’ve gone from having 20 minute books covering 15 or so branches of the NUWT to having 62 boxes of minute books, account books and correspondence files which now cover 147 branches.  This gives us a much fuller understanding of the work of the NUWT throughout the country and the relationships between branches and central council.  Towards the end of my cataloguing I also made a few exciting finds in terms of the history and workings of the union when I found the earliest Central Council minute book – from 1907 – 1914 – as well as a membership book giving membership figures for the union from 1926 – 1939.

I’m currently working on checking through the online catalogue and it should be up online on Monday – which is so exciting after all this work!  I’ll do a more comprehensive round-up of the cataloguing another day but for now I just wanted to update readers on what’s been happening with the project.


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