A Belated Happy Halloween: Treats from the Archive

As a North American, Halloween is a pretty big deal; as such, I was pretty enthused when the archivists mentioned there were Halloween-related materials in one of our collections (Thanks, Becky and Jessica, for these.  And also for tolerating excessive Halloween chatter).

Halloween may have been yesterday, but it’s never too late for a cup of Witches Froth (… right?)

The following documents come from our archive collection of the British Families Education Service / School Children’s Education (BFES/SCE) Association.  The BFES/SCE provided education for the children of British Forces personnel initially in Germany, but later worldwide. The collection contains papers from countries all over the world including Germany, Belize and Hong Kong; for more information, check out our BFES/SCE LibGuide.

If you’re in the market for treats for your Halloween party, here is a very poetic calendar with some spooky, seasonal recipes on the back…

(Document Reference BFE/B/3/16)

(Document Reference BFE/B/3/16)

(Document Reference BFE/B/3/16)

(Document Reference BFE/B/3/16)

Archive-Inspired Teaching Idea: Make a Calendar with your Students!

These would be a perfect gift for students to give to their family as a holiday gift, in preparation for the New Year.  You’d likely have to start the process a few weeks in advance, but there are plenty of cross-curricular opportunities…

  • Literacy: Students could write poems inspired by each month.
  • Art: Create a different piece of art to correspond with each poem and month (thumbprint snowmen in January; crepe paper flowers in May; etc).
  • PSHE: Healthy seasonal recipes!  I suppose the ‘healthy’ bit could be optional.

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