School Learning Resources

Archive & Primary Sources Resources

These resources will support your general use of archives in the classroom.
Primary Source Analysis Tool: Key Stage 1 & 2
Primary Source Analysis Tool: Key Stage 3 & 4

Creative Writing Prompts

These Creative Writing Prompts can be used in conjunction with archive-related study, or as stand-alone writing exercises.  Each activity includes a photograph or document from the archive, where writers are given an open-ended prompt to spark their creative writing.  The ‘Background Story’ is also provided, giving writers further information about the historical significance of the photograph or document.
Each prompt is appropriate for Key Stages 2-4; teachers can differentiate / add additional curriculum-related expectations as necessary.
Interior Monologue: ‘Bored at the Conference’
A Day in the Life: Emily Phipps
Create your own Campaign Song: Equality Songs

Lesson Plans & Activities

The following interdisciplinary lesson plans are designed to complement existing or future class topics.  Each plan includes National Curriculum core standards; lesson details; archive documents and worksheets.

History Reporters: The Interwar Peace Movement Lesson Plan Key Stage 2-3

Students take a hands-on approach to source-based historical research as they investigate the interwar peace movement.  Topics include bias; how to decide whether a source is reliable or not; and recognising the similarities between the responsibilities of a historian and news reporter.  Students take on the role of journalists as they investigate archives as research for a newspaper article.

What was P.E. class like during the First World War? Key Stage 1-3

This activity supports classroom study of the First World War. Pupils investigate how the war impacted ‘everyday life’ on the home front. Students become History Detectives, as they look, think, and question.  Archival sources include photographs, scrapbooks, teacher handbooks and lesson plans. Students discover two popular approaches to P.E. at the time: military-style drills, preparing the future soldiers of the nation, and a more progressive approach to P.E., of expressive movement and poetry.

Additional classroom activities included.

National Union of Women Teachers Supporting Resources

Resources to support lessons / historical investigations using the archive collection of the National Union of Women Teachers.
NUWT Timeline


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