The NUWT and the Mayor of Holborn, 1942

The last few day’s cataloguing has consisted of files on NUWT annual conferences with each folder containing material on one annual conference.  A lot of this has been very similar – agendas, arrangements for accommodation, financial reports etc and al this is great as it means it’s quite quick to catalogue! however it’s also been nice to stumble across unexpected things such as the scrapbook I talked about a few days ago.

I’ve just come across another interesting find, a photograph from the 1942 conference held in London.  I would have assumed that during the war the NUWT stopped their annual conferences but it’s nice to see that they didn’t.  The conferences kept going although inevitably they were smaller due to travel and work difficulties. 

NUWT Collection ref UWT/D/374/3 ©Institute of Education Archive

This photograph shows Dora Appleby (the NUWT President) with Brigitte Pearson (the Vice-President) and the Mayor of Holborn.  Accompanying the photograph is a letter from the General Secretary of the NUWT, Muriel Pierotti, to the Mayor of London thanking him for the time he took to come to the conference and give a Civil Welcome.  She mentions that many members of the NUWT, for whom this is their first war-time visit to London, were shocked by the destruction caused by bombings and she ends by thanking him again for taking the time to help make the conference a success.  It’s also great to see the NUWT banner in the background as we don’t actually have any of these in the collection. What a nice way to finish a day’s work for me!